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Artificial Limb Design

Posted on March 8, 2013 by Christa Flores under iLab now
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Grade: 7

Subject: Science

Project Name: Design Thinking Challenge: Artificial Limb

Room Design: Student configured

Learning Modality: Student pairs

Description: 7th and 8th grade science teachers, Brian Ravizza and Ilsa Dohmen facilitated a two week long project where 7th grade students had to design and build a prototype of an artificial limb.  Guest designer, Susan Stenman, who specializes in prostheses, and former paralympic runner, Nick Sgarlotto were invited into the classroom to engage students in a discussion on designing limbs for real users.  To pass this challenge, the device that students made needed to be able to pick up two objects; a can 4 inches in diameter containing a 200 gram weight, and the 200 gram weight of smaller diameter alone, to test dexterity.  During the two week project, students were allowed to freely use the iLab space to brainstorm, construct, journal and present their work (see image of final project presentations done by two students).  Students that were already versed in CAD, used software to design parts for their solution that could be cut on the school’s laser cutter.  Others used the various building materials (string, tubing, wire, springs, rubber bands, etc.) kept in the iLab for rapid prototyping.

Science teacher helps students test artificial limb function

Science teacher helps students test artificial limb function

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