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Problem Solving on a Tiny Scale

Posted on March 12, 2013 by Christa Flores under iLab now
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Grade: 6

Subject: Science

Project Name: Design Thinking Challenge: Tiny Green House Prototypes

Room Design: Student configured

Learning Modality: Student Groups of 4

Description: During our unit on Structures the 6th grade worked on a long term project to design a scale (0.5”=1’) model home, which was lit or heated by a renewable energy source.  This long term project was just as much about structures and energy as it was about teamwork.   Students were also assigned a demographic to base their design on. This required students to learn how to interview and practice empathy for a client, making the design process come to life.  At the end of this unit students produced a Product Design Report that included original title page art, an introduction to the project, recorded interview, all iteration notes, and the energy research team’s report on renewable energy forms and a formal claim statement supported by evidence.  As a ceremonial gesture to the end of the unit, 6th graders shared their hard work with the entire Hillbrook community at the Tiny GreenHouse Expo where they shared with peers, administrators, teachers, lower school students and a few parents, what they accomplished and how they accomplished it during our most challenging unit yet.

Head of School Gives the House Inspection

zoom_photo256368_3232969 IMG_0570

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